Addis Chamber International Trade Fair 21st edition has been opened on February 23, 2017and will continue until February 30. Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations Trade and Investment Promotion Department organizes four trade fairs throughout the year.  This year’s Addis Chamber trade fair carries the motto ‘conducive environment for enhanced export performance’.

Participants of the trade fair came from about two dozen nations and include Italy, India, Dubai, and Sudan. There were about 100 foreign companies and around 80 local ones, including small and micro-enterprises.

The closing program of the event will be a symposium under the theme “overcoming trade logistics barriers for enhanced export”. The symposium will be followed by discussion and exchange of ideas surrounding theme and major issues raised in it. The closing ceremony will be tipped with recognition of ‘best standing award’ for exhibitors. Reception and networking wind up the day. The event will take place at Hilton Addis on February 28, 2017.