Chamber Gives Training in Preparation for Coming Trade Fair

Addis Chamber Trade and Investment Promotion Department provided training to representatives of 57 local businesses in preparation for the 21st edition of Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (ACTIF) to be launched on February 23, 2017 at Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. The trade fair will be opened by Minister of Trade and members of the diplomatic community, ambassadors, senior government officials, and other invited guests will attend the event. The trade fair will continue up until February 30, 2017, it was learnt.

Addis Chamber Trade and Investment Promotion Department has been making preparations for the successful execution of the trade fair. One of the preparations made by the Department is provision of training to exhibitors. The department provided half day training to representatives of 57 participating businesses on trade fair organization and execution on February 9, 2017. The training was given by a senior expert with the department, Ato Ayele Gelaneh.  According to the trainer, areas of the training cover:

  • The important role of making preparations ahead of participating in trade fair for it to be effective,
  • Trade fair planning, goal setting and budget preparation,
  • The importance of planning marketing and promotion as well as its preparation,
  • Techniques and tools of trade fair organizing,
  • Awareness on presentation of what is on display to visitors,
  • Technical tools on identifying potential customers, qualifying them and doing follow up, and
  • Evaluating the execution of participating in trade fair.

It is important that exhibitors acquire the capacity to execute participation in trade fair and presenting their services efficiently for the intended fruits to be obtained from the trade fair. Accordingly, participants of the training have been provided the awareness to enable them take part adequately in any local and international trade fairs and promote their goods and services better. Ato Ayele said that the participants of the training have acquired the relevant know-how, which will enable them to promote their goods and services at the 21st Addis Chamber International Trade Fair in a manner that is of more significance to their businesses.

The senior expert went on to say that Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations is the only organization in the country that provides training on organizing trade fair and its execution. Chamber provides this training accompanying the four trade fairs it undertakes throughout the year. Chamber organizes these four trade fairs throughout the year focusing on various sectors and Addis Chamber International Trade is one of these. This year 77 local and 96 international business companies would take part in the trade fair, it was learnt.