About Merkato Branch Affairs

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations/AACCSA/ with the aim of serving the business community around Merkato, being in its vicinity, established Merkato Branch Office back in 2001.


The Merkato branch office is providing the following services to its members since its establishment:

  1. Tax advisory service
  2. Organize awareness creation forums
  3. Business related trainings
  4. Internet Services  

1.      Tax Advisory Service

The Tax Advisory service is being offered in the Merkato Branch in collaboration with ECCSA-HwK Partnership Project since October 2012.

The Tax Advisory service tries to clarify and elaborate issues that need clarifications and creates ambiguity among tax payers in the Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Turnover Tax, Excise Tax, and Customs.

Objectives of the advisory service

  • To develop the knowledge of the business community on taxes and other related issues.
  • To create smooth relationship between the business community and ERCA.
  • To promote the business community’s capacity to pay their tax based on reason and knowledge
  • To rescue the business community from unnecessary taxes, penalties and interest.
  • To create awareness regularly about Income Tax, VAT, TOT, Excise and other tax related issues.

 Individual Tax Advisory Service

Based on the interest of the client, the service will be delivered either in the premises of the client or in the branch office. The advisory is focused on:

A. Registration

  • Which tax type is obligatory for registration and creates a favorable condition for the business community.
  • Conditions and situations that oblige for registration.


B. Documents

  • Which documents and records are acceptable by the tax authority.
  • Accounts recording and preparing financial statements according to the Ethiopian tax system.


C. Tax Assessment, Declaration and Payment

  • How taxes will be assessed, when taxes should be declared and paid to the tax authority.
  • What types of records and documents should be presented to the tax authority while declaring taxes.


D. Tax Assessment Review and Appeal

  • Review tax notifications which are assessed either by tax audit or other means and provide the possible means to reduce the tax based on the tax proclamation, regulation and directive.
  • Provide advice how tax appeal should be presented to tax appeal committee.
  • Provide clarification about the assessed tax and review rejected documents and try to find a solution to be acceptable.


   The Benefits of Tax Advisory Service

  1. How taxes should be declared and paid on incomes and sales.
  2. It helps the business community to identify which documents and records are acceptable by ERCA.
  3.  It updates the business community regularly on different tax related issues that are emanating from the government.
  4. It rescues the business community from unnecessary taxes, interest and penalties.
  5.  It creates awareness about the type of tax he/she should register, declare and pay, what does the tax mean and the reason behind he/she pays etc.


2. Awareness creation forums

  • Regularly updating and providing information about Tax Proclamations, Regulations, Directives and Circulars that are implemented by ERCA.
  • Awareness creation about new tax related issues that are publicized to the general public and implemented.

  Provide information about the tax advisory service and its benefits


3. Business related trainings

Merkato Branch Office of AACCSA provides business related trainings to build the capacity of Small and Medium businesses located in Merkato and Sholla market. The trainings are designed to facilitate experience sharing amongst SMEs and women owned businesses. Some of our training topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Basics of Marketing


4. Internet Services 

Merkato Branch Office of AACCSA has fully organized IT Center. The center provides services like e-mail, fax, scanning and other secretarial services for its members located around Merkato. In addition, the Office provides support services to those members who need our help on browsing for information. Members can access on line business data free of charge.


Contact Us:

Tele. +251-112-783505

Fax: +251-112-768731

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