Addis Chamber envisions for BIC Sustainability Program

The BIC Project is a four year project kicked off in 2022 with the support of EU to bolster business innovators and entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.
The BIC project that will be expected to end in 2025 requires additional funding and new services to ensure sustainability.
As part of this move, management of Addis Chamber made comprehensive discussion to ensure the sustainability of the program in the post 2025 period.
During the discussion it is said that numerous efforts are underway to sustain the project among those endeavors include the need to install income generating schemes by designing different services, said Mr.Shibeshi Bettemariam, Secretary General of Addis Chamber.
As part of the future intervention, it is planned to provide match making services as well as providing support and trainings to innovators and entrepreneurs.
Efforts are also underway for enhanced partnership with giant financial institutes operating in Ethiopia.
In the meantime management of Addis Chamber paid a visit to the latest BIC office sited at Addis Africa Convention and Exhibition Center.