Third Round Forum for Executive Leaders Held hosting former CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Bisrat Nigatu

(Addis Chamber, May 08, 2024) In a successive third round of forum for executive leaders/FEEL, Addis Chamber and SAK brought the priceless experience of Bisrat Nigatu, former CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, one of the reputed African and Global Airlines.
Serving at ET for more than three decades, Bisrat Nigatu has shared his long years of career and recounted the untold history of ET.
Joining ET as a young staff during the early 1970s, the long serving CEO shared the numerous hurdles facing ET and its management in different regimes.
Since 1997, Bisrat served the carrier as CEO with enormous achievements attributed to the leadership capability he exhibited at ET.
While sharing his long years of service, Bisrat attributes the strong leadership culture embedded at ET is one of the key factors for the survival of the organization for decades where as many airlines couldn’t make it due to weak management and leaders, he further reiterates.
The power of “the can do culture” is the motto behind the success at ET, he said and several projects are accomplished successfully such as the pilot, technic, hostess training schools among others.
This culture, according to Bisrat encompasses providing of capacity building, the way we do things around us, the way we communicate that matters for success at companies.
As leaders we used to adhere to accountability and transparent system as well as the strong induction system at ET has remained to be major culture.
In addition to these , the two way communication approach bottom up and vice versa are key for carrying out plans effectively, Bisrat remarks. Sense of urgency has been embedded among ET management and staffs to provide active service delivery to customers.
After retirement from ET, Bisrat resumed to share his vast leadership and management experience abroad and serving as consultants to date.
(Full story of the presentation will be shared at the upcoming Addis Business Newspaper)