The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations has come with new, but known virtual / online/ model of training to assist its member companies. The Trainings are prepared in partnership with European Chamber of Commerce and Industry, according to sources from the Addis Chamber’s Communication and promotion department. After properly complete those trainings, an international accredited Global Commerce License certificate will be delivered by this organization. According to Kassahun Mamo, Manager of the department said, those courses are International Economics & Finance, Information Technology, business ethics, and international business Law. Addis Chamber (AC) also proposed COVID-19 exit strategies to bring the nation’s economy back on track. AC has released recommendations how the private sector curtail the pandemic. Addis Chamber also developed a catalogue with policy initiatives to cushion industries from the economic effects. Among the initiatives/ proposals, according to Kassahun are: Tax relief for affected industries, securing imports of raw materials, temporarily suspension of exports of essential agricultural goods, Lowering the interest rates, price regulation of goods in extreme demand. The Chamber has played a facilitating role that the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development supports measures by privately owned companies that significantly alleviate the negative impact of the corona pandemic in the country. Suitable projects will be funded with up to 200,000 EUR. AACCSA has also prepared and dispatched a summary entitled ‘COVID-19 impact on the economy and business: Lessons on necessary actions for Businesses. Production of news, spots, adverts and programs on the importance of participation of the business community and associations in fighting and controlling COVID -19 and media works were being launched to disseminate relevant information about the pandemic. AC has developed and disseminated promotional and educational video and audio to fight the epidemic. It has also conducted awareness creation programs by influential opinion makers of the business communities about the pandemic in various companies, sources disclosed. It has done Sensitization tasks on the importance of CSR, handing out protective and essential sanitary materials such as soaps and hand sanitizers in each business companies. AC has developed brochures and newspapers to advertise the recommended policy initiatives to galvanize wide support to AACCSA; proposals. AACCSA has developed an information, Education and Communication materials on COVID-19 for use by mainstream and social media and shared to members. Regular Communication updates on COVID 19 have been done. The experiences from different countries are being shared to members. Undertaken media campaign on critical issues of the business communities in times of corona and post corona through Addis Chamber TV and Radio and newspapers. .