The Ethio – Kenya Trade & Investment Mission calls on Businesses of the two countries to trade and invest more

By Staff Reporter
April 24, 2024, Addis Chamber: Ethiopia and Kenya have sustained long years of diplomatic relations.
Now leaders and business people of the two countries are thriving to unleash the investment and trade potentials existed between the two.
Despite their geographical proximity and long border, the two countries didn’t forge strong bilateral trade and investment to tap on it. However in recent years leaders of the two countries have shown commitments to enhance economic cooperation and development ties.
As part of such efforts happens the Ethio – Kenya Trade & Investment Mission in Addis Ababa to deliver on the commitments and agreements signed between the two countries.
The high profile business missions have brought together businesses of the two countries, diplomatic missions, representatives of ministerial offices, parliamentarians and dignitaries.
George Orina, Ambassador of Kenya and Permanent Representative to Ethiopia, said that the two countries have long enjoyed diplomatic ties and rich history as neighboring countries that is dating back to pre-independence period.
On August 5 1963 Kenya and Ethiopia signed the first bilateral agreement that was before the independence of Kenya, said George Orina in his opening remark during the Ethio Kenya trade and investment mission held in Addis Ababa.
The successive agreements of the two countries are key to enhance security and development issues such as defense, foreign relations, tourism among the few to mention and he also said that the two countries have an existing agreement knows as special status agreement that was signed in 2012 that paves the way for the special status for trade, investment, infrastructure food and livelihood cooperation.
This year, the Ambassador said, the two countries held the 36th Ethiopia-Kenya Joint Ministerial Commission in Addis Ababa signed a total of seven memorandum of understanding with such commitments such as to speed up the full implementation of the special status agreement and how to unleash the potential of African Continental free Trade Agreement, finalization of the simplified cross border trade agreement to ease the flow of trade in Moyale border and issues of standardization among others.
Joyce Njogu, Head of KAM Consulting and Business Development in her remark said Addis Chamber is our stronger ally to support private sector in Ethiopia and Kenya and in recent years Joice said the two institutions are working to ensure green transition for all businesses and to share best practices around global competitiveness.
Through the recent mission we are looking to further cement the relationship both with business side and government side.
Ewnetu Taye from Trade Mark Africa, partner of KAM in his remark said that such trade missions are vital to strengthen trade and diplomatic ties between Ethiopia and Kenya that is followed by the 36th Joint Ministerial Commission that took place in Addis Ababa earlier this year.
Peter Masara, Member of The National Assembly of Kenya and Leader of the Delegation of the Kenya Parliament in his address said that it is imperative to continue to strengthen and to fully tap the economic opportunities among the two he also said the national assembly of Kenya played a vital role in promoting investment and trade between the two countries.
The two nations have shared common language, culture, social values with long standing relations that needs to be further strengthened and economic ties in particular is not as expected as compared to their long years of relationship said Ambassador Ababi Demissie, representing the Ethiopian ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Ethio – Kenya Trade & Investment Mission has also hosted rounds of panel discussion and business to business events to connect business of the two countries.