Customer Relationship Management

An Invitation to Attend a Training Course Entitled:

Customer Relationship Management


Training Date, Time and Venue: 

From December 18-22, 2023 for five half days from 1:30PM – 5:30PM. in the AFTERNOON at Chamber Building, Mexico Square.

Objective of the Training: 

  • The general objective of the training on CRM is to show the approaches and techniques for retaining, maintaining and utilizing existing customers. The training will show the methods of increasing the life time value of customers in increasing profit and reducing cost.

Course Contents:

  • Understanding CRM
  • CRM and profitability
  • Customer service, handling and experience
  • Dealing with customer complaint systematically
  • Pareto principle- working on the 20% customer
  • Attitude and CRM
  • Communication and CRM
  • CRM tools, standards and activities

Target groups:

Employees of an organization with frequent and direct contact with customers, Customer Relationship Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Officers, Sales Agents, and others interested in this important training.

Training fee:

Birr 3,542 per person for members and Birr 4,250 per person for non-members.

For registration and inquiries:

0115 513 882 / 0115 518 055 Ext. 226, 0913249766, 0911194965, 0911343078, 0913553393;,