Business Communication

An Invitation to Attend a Training Course Entitled:
Business Communication
Training Date, Time, and Venue:
From December 19-20, 2023 for two full days from 8:30AM – 5:30PM at a Hotel to be announced during registration.

Objective of the Training:
By the end of the training trainees will be able to: Differentiate between personal and business communication, Identify the major causes of communication breakdown in business communication, Explain the special characteristics of business communication, Discuss communication for getting attention and communication for drawing/capturing attention in business communication. Elaborate communication as a systematic process (considering its difference from the linear model), Discuss the techniques in dealing with stress while communicating (in unusual situations) and Describe the role of an appropriate media in communicating a message.

Course Contents:

  • Business vs. Personal communication- Are there some transferable enablers or barriers?
  • What is special about business communication? Risk, Return and Portfolio Management
  • Getting vs. Drawing/Capturing Attention in communications
  • Communication as a systematic process
  • Understanding and use of non-verbal cues
  • Passive, Active, Emphatic listening skills
  • Emotional intelligence in communication
  • Dealing with stress, communication barriers and communication breakdown
  • Effective use of communication media and channels

Target groups:

Managers, Staff Members of Service Industries, Sales Agents, Front-line Officers, and Employees of an organization that have direct and frequent contact with customers.

Training fee:

Birr 5,929 per person for members and Birr 7,115 per person for non-members.
For registration and inquiries:
0115 513 882 / 0115 518 055 Ext. 226, 0913249766, 0911194965, 0911343078, 0913553393;,