Awareness problem has been a major factor constraining the development of the consultancy sub-sector. Lack of appropriate support and incentives to the service sector on the part of the government is a further challenge. Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations organized a workshop which pondered on opportunities and challenges of consultancy in Ethiopia. The discussion took place at Hilton Addis on February 9, 2017.

Three speakers, who have been involved in consultancy service provision, shared their respective experience in which they touched on what they consider challenges and opportunities in the sub-sector. The speakers forwarded some ideas on what needs to be done.

Due to the multitude of problems the consultancy sub-sector suffers, the nation has not been able to benefit much from the undertaking and the area remained at the very beginnings of its infancy, it was indicated in the course of the discussion.

Inadequate capacity among customers to identify their need properly and articulate specific gaps they expect to be closed by the consultancy service they seek, is one area of challenge raised. Contract administration problem, limitation in application of consultancy service inputs, problems regarding tax, considering consultancy as an additional job, and a tendency to prefer international bids at the expense of local ones, are some challenges raised by speakers and participants at the workshop.

Lack of capacity among consultants themselves is also indicated as a challenge. Lack of appropriate support for the service sector on the part of the government, despite its considerable contribution national GDP, is underlined as an area of concern. A general lack of awareness as to the significance of consultancy was also included as another area that needs serious attention, it was indicated. Misfen Zegey reported.