Addis Chamber unveils its major promotional events of the year calling on business communities to take part

Hosting grand trade shows are among the key activities of Addis Chamber that intends to promote trade and investment in Ethiopia.
Such events are taking place for long years connecting businesses and forging networks among local and international businesses.
With the commencing of the Ethiopian new year (2016 EC/2023/24), Addis Chamber has announced the annual trade fair events that will be carried out in the months to come.
This was disclosed during the annual trade fair launching event held on September 19, 2023 at the Inter luxury Hotel, Addis Ababa.
In her opening remark, Mesenbet Shenkute , president of Addis Chamber said Addis Chamber truly believe to ensure business and investment in the country to thrive.
Trade fairs are one of our major instruments, where businesses can have a separate time and place to promote their produce, explore markets, physically inspect goods and start business match making, she further remarks.
In her statement of the doing business environment, the president has mentioned out the provision of grand policy measures such as the launching of capital market as big milestone for private sector and the expansion of industrial parks to further attract FDI, yet mentioning the numerous challenges associated with the doing business environment of Ethiopia that need to be resolved to create better doing environment.
In his press briefing Shibeshi Bettemariam , the Secretary General of Addis Chamber , said that hosting grand trade fairs has been one of the key objectives of Addis Chamber that persisted for nearly three decades.
Accordingly he highlighted the upcoming trade fairs to be staged to support the business environment of Ethiopia includes the 14th Addis Chamber Specialized International Agriculture & Food Trade Fair (14th AGRIFEX-Ethiopia), the 26th Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (26th ACITF) and the 6th Addis Chamber International Manufacturing & Technology Trade Fair (6th MATEX-Ethiopia).
Despite the numerous challenges of business doing environment, Addis Chamber will go on promoting business and investment through connectivity that responds to economic development and job creation, said the Secretary General.
The annual trade fairs are expected to attract large number of foreign companies, said the Secretary General adding that such events will have a huge impact in image building of the nation, as well as major instrument to enhance trade and investment of Ethiopia.
Concluding his remark, the Secretary General calls on the media to promote the upcoming trade shows that also embrace grand business forum to dwell on key thematic issues.

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