Addis Chamber & Safaricom Ethiopia foresees to transform business and society

(Addis Chamber, November 3, 2023) Safaricom Ethiopia is one of the giant telecom industries with a purpose-led technology and Communication Company committed to contributing to Ethiopia’s digital transformation and inclusion objectives.
With a population of more than 120 million, Safaricom has become the pioneer to enter the Ethiopian market to operate in telecommunication services.
It was granted a nationwide full-service Unified Telecommunications Service License on 9 July 2021 and officially registered as Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc in July 2021.
Safaricom Ethiopia considers the private sector as its strategic partners and the latest partnership agreement with Addis Chamber gears towards achieving the digital transformation of the country that looks forward to transform the economy and society.
Whilst signing the memorandum of understanding with Safaricom Ethiopia, Secretary General of Addis Chamber, Shibeshi Bettemariam, accentuates that Addis Chamber to take Safaricom as part and parcel of its operation while serving the wider business communities.
The Secretary General also highlighted the importance of working together with Safaricom in equipping the business communities with digital knowledge and skill to improve business.
Chris Lazarus, Chief of Enterprise Business at Safaricom, on his part said that the telecom service is linked to every industry and individual and it is also proven around the world when telecommunication comes, it has direct influence to the GDP of the country that will be translated in to the living standards of the people , adds Lazarus.
“When we speak about Ethiopia, he said, we cannot think about change in a gradual kind of way, and we have to think about change in a leap frog way and currently Ethiopia is a member of a BRICS economy that will be beneficial for the economy” said Chris Lazarus.
He also remarks that Ethiopia has young and talented population to make use of them to promote its economy like India did some fifty years ago.
Once you improved the connectivity, he said, we can jump to the cloud strategy of the country that in turn helps the vast majority of young population to become economic beneficiaries.
Signatories of the two entities also call for implementing the agreements that is excepted transform business and societies in Ethiopia and beyond.

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