Addis Chamber calls for Media & Communication professionals to play role in institutional building and support private sector to thrive in Ethiopia

Addis Chamber renders much emphasis to forge strategic partnership with key actors to effectively deliver its services.
Likewise Addis Chamber truly understands the essence of media and communication to disseminate business related information that protects and benefits business communities and particularly this is true to promote the series of advocacy platforms undertaken by the Chamber , said Shibeshi Bettemariam , Secretary General , from Addis Chamber, in a recent media consultation forum.
The consultation forum that was held for the second time has brought together key players of the media industry, Communication and Public relation managers, and seasoned journalists among others.
While addressing the gathering, the Secretary General, lauds the role of media in creating vibrant business and economy in any society and he also calls for journalists to keep their professional integrity while undertaking their duties.
Journalists are welcomed to attend the series of advocacy platforms being hosted by Addis Chamber with diverse thematic issues, he said.
During the consultation forum, Kassahun Mengistie, senior official from the Federal Government Communication Services, calls on media houses and journalists to report on fighting illegal trade practices and discharge their responsibilities for the realization of healthy businesses to flourish.
The day long forum also shared the experience of senior journalists and communication experts like Netsanet Tesfaye, Muluken Yewondwossen , Demissew Benti and made intense discussion with the outcome of foreseeing vibrant economy and media landscape in Ethiopia.
More than 70 media and communication officials and business journalists drawn from the government and private sector were in attendance.
It is unquestionable that effective media and communications activities play pivotal role in attaining growth and development of the nation.
The general objective of the programme is to enlighten and capacitate senior communication and media staffs of selected stakeholders, create and ensure long-term partnerships in various Public Private Dialogue activities of the chamber.