Forum for Executive Leaders (FEEL) program

Forum for Executive Leaders (FEEL) program, February 29, 2024

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) pleased to announce the launching of (FEEL) program. FEEL is joint initiative of AACCSA and SAK Training and Consultancy firm with the mission of connecting, networking and transforming executive leaders for business growth and advancement.

FEEL is one of the flagships of leadership program which aims at creating a platform for leaders to exchange their valuable experiences, network and learn from one another.

When leaders invest their time on networking, they can build social capital overtime which will in turn be an important asset for their personal, professional and organizational growth. Networking is the practice of building up contacts which can later be leveraged. Networking also allows leaders to get in touch with people who would potentially provide information, business linkage as well as access to different opportunities. Your Network is your net worth


+ To create a convenient and relaxing learning environment for multitasking executive leaders.

+ To provide leaders an opportunity to share their valuable experiences and learn from fellow leaders.

+ To enable participants forge strategic alliance and networking with likeminded leaders with the aim of building mutual growth and advancement.

FEEL will be organized once in a month for a maximum of two hours between 5:30 p.m– 7:30 p.m. Experience sharing from successful leaders in the form of informal presentation, reflection from participants, question and answer and group discussion will be effectively employed  in the program.

Organizations can enroll their executive leaders or senior management members to attend the Forum. Fee for the Forum is Birr 3,500/participant. Organizations can also sponsor the event and get brand benefits as the event involves decision makers of various companies.

For registration


Desalegn Dejen 0911 343078,
Hiwot Tilahun 0911 194965, 0115 513882

SAK Training and Consultancy

Dr. Adera Abdela,    0911-514422/0993-646712

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