A Study on the Impact of the Current Land Lease Law on Business & Investment

The study on impact of the current land lease law on business and investment expansion in Addis Ababa city Administration had been carried out with the objective to critically investigate the land lease law enacted in 2011 and its related directives issued to guide the implementation of the land lease policy and its impact on business and investment expansion. The study also aims to establish facts whether the realization of the law had achieved the intended purposes. In view of that, the impact of the latest functional urban land lease law on business sector development and investment expansion has critically been assessed. In doing so, background review has been conducted with different land lease policies and laws promulgated in the country since the endorsement of free market economic system in the country.

Urban land lease [PDF]

Tilapia Aquaculture Business for Ethiopia

Culturing fish is a very old practice in Africa, although commercial production of fishes is still developing throughout the continent. Some species and strains of fishes are in particular suitable for commercial production. The Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is one of these very important fishes, introduced from Africa and the Middle East to several countries elsewhere in the world. Now it has become popular in commercial and
subsistence aquaculture ventures. China and other Asian countries are famous for their bulk contribution to global aquaculture production of tilapia and other fishes. The sector incorporates not only rearing fish for harvest, but also hatcheries, feed processing, environmental issues, genetic and species diversity, post-harvest processing, economics, as well as improvements through research and knowledge transfer.

Tilapia aquaculture Business Model for Ethiopia [PDF]