Research wing of RPAD adheres to scientific methods while conducting business related research and formulating appropriate economic recommendations mostly relevant for business advocacy and the development of business performance as the business community can use these to sharpen focus on their strategies. The chamber has ample experience in collaborative research and commissioned studies, and the department plays key role in these areas, working together with PSD-Hub project and other programs of AACCSA.

One of the main objectives of the department is to serve as an independent and alternative source of quality researches on business, trade and economic issues. Outputs from researches reflect the interest of the private sector, and provide policy advice to policy makers and regulators to make conducive business and trade environment. The research results are published in the form of trade and business journals, annual socio-economic profiles, newspapers, chamber TV and radio, and the chamber’s official website. RPAD organizes forums, workshops, symposiums and other events for awareness creation, as well as to deliberate on the findings of the studies and researches. 

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