Based on AACCSA’s five year strategic plan (2012/13 – 2016/17) and newly revised organizational structure, Research and Policy Analysis Department (RPAD) is established as a new and vital department of the chamber to undertake researches, analyze public policy and put forward policy recommendations to the public sector. Moreover, the department prepares and publishes the Socio Economic Profile of Addis Ababa, Trade and Business Journals, and articles on different and timely trade, business and investment issues. 
RPAD conducts demand driven researches and policy analysis in the broad areas of policies and issues focusing on business, industry, trade and other economic sectors. All of these activities are anchored and guided by the aforementioned five years strategy of AACCSA, which among others, aims at spearheading evidence-based policy researches and advocacy. The issue of private sector policy and business-related research activity has existed as the core function of the Chamber since its establishment. A lot of the researches on the country’s trade and business are carried out by AACCSA, by commissioning individual consultants and institutions. RPAD shall positively work in these areas by directly engaging in research activities that aim at solving problems that affect the private sector.

  1. Why RPAD in AACCSA?
    • The belief that more than any other organization in the country, AACCSA is strategically positioned to pursue the role of a national business and economic policy advocacy champion in the country.
    • The need to establish Public Private Consultative Forum (PPCF) with evidenced based research.
  2. The Role of RPAD

    RPAD, together with other departments of AACCSA, is considered as the private sector’s “think tank” and main source of voice for AACCSA and the business community. The main roles of RPAD include: 

    • Undertake research to assess the impact of different economic regulation and economic activities on members’ business performance and business environment, and propose alternative solutions.
    • To undertake policy analysis based on accurate information and methods, using also proper debate and dialogue, to help the policy making and implementation.

    RPAD aspires to grow in to a center of policy research and advocacy to better emphasize on business, trade and overall economic performance of Ethiopia.

  3. Structure and Hierarchy

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