How to start Export in Ethiopia

An export business is a business that sells products to a country other than the one where the goods are produced or manufac­tured. There is profit to be made in export. The international market is much larger than the local market. Growth rates in many over­seas markets far outpace domestic market growth. And meeting and beating innova­tive competitors abroad can help companies keep the edge they need at home.

There are many opportunities for export businesses and it is possible for anyone to start up an export business, however, there are some procedures that those setting up a business have to follow in order to com­ply with both Ethiopian and international regulations. AACCSA prepared a guide which briefly explains how to start export in Ethiopia to help the business community. This guide is written with the intention of helping businesses understand the proce­dures needed to start an Export Business and guiding them through the steps that need to be taken. [Click here] to download the guide. 

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