GCL Free Education and Exams

The GCL Certification is now being offered free of charge for a limited time from the European Chamber of Commerce. You can use the free education literature to study for the 4 modules composing the GCL Certification (ICT, Business, Law, Economy). Then you can take the GCL exam for each of the 4 modules online free of charge. After you successfully pass the first exam module of your choice, you will receive an e-index code to use in completing the remaining 3 modules online. Based on your aggregate result of the 4 modules exams if passed you will receive your GCL Certification credential, totally free.

The GCL Certification is a globally recognized certification, that testifies that the candidate possesses enough level of knowledge related to the the 4 modules of the certificate (ICT, Business, Law, Economy) according to the GCL curriculum. The purpose of this certification is to act as a pre-employment test to enable candidates find good job opportunities and increase their potential in the market.

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