Addis Chamber to Stage Its 22nd Intl. Trade Fair

Italian and Kenyan Companies to make more presence

By Yidnekachew Alemayehu

Each year, the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce launches a series of four International Trade Fairs. The Fair is believed to take hundreds foreign and local companies on board in a weeklong business event. As it stands now, more than 150 companies have signed up to take part while many more are expected to come.

The event, among others, would serve a venue for business –to-business talks, concluding business partnership between the local private operators and foreign counterparts.

According to Abraham Haile Mariam, Trade and Investment Promotion Director at the Chamber, in this segment of trade fair almost all sectors of business are taking part  including  food processors , textile and garment manufacturers, engendering, agro processing companies, pharmaceutical and chemical firms.

It was learned countries like Sweden, UAE, China, India, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Italy are already confirmed to participate in the fair. Kenyan and Italian companies are likely to take the lead by sending over   20 and 50 companies respectively.

In order to ensure smooth running of the event, arguments with pertinent government authorities   have been put in place to avoid possible hassles and delays involving foreign companies to the event, Abraham Added.

As part of promoting young operators, the Chamber has allotted display spots free of charge small and middle interpreters.  Addis Chamber’s will also stage other three consecutive international fairs under Tourism and Travel, Agro-processing and Manufacturing in the months to come.

He indicated that the chamber has organized four international trade fairs for 2018 namely the Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (ACTIF), Agriculture and Food International Trade Fair (Agrifex), Tourism and Travel Fair and Manufacturing and Technology International Fair (MATEX).

Addis Chamber International Trade Fair is now regarded as the most popular international promotional event in the country with hundreds of participants from Ethiopia abroad. Abraham further noted that concurrent events like symposiums and business to business meeting would take place along with the trade fair.

The international trade fairs organized by the chamber so far are among the most notable business promotional activities that have added so much value for the business community in terms of promoting their products and services, establishing business linkages with trading partners and sharing experiences and knowhow with international and local companies.




Addis Chamber Accomplishes 13th General Assembly

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations successfully accomplished its 13th general assembly. Addis Ababa City Administration House Speaker, H.E Dr. Tabor Gebremedhin, delivered the opening speech of the General Assembly. The event took place at Intercontinental Hotel, on October 5, 2017.

Following a unanimous endorsement of the agenda by the general assembly, President of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Ato Elias Gentie presented the report.

Both the report by Chamber president and the external audit report were endorsed by the general assembly. External auditor for the coming year has also been selected and accordingly endorsed by the general assembly.

Addis Chamber members on the day raised many issues and forwarded various ideas to which response were given. One thousand two hundred and twenty nine attended the general assembly.


AACCSA and TDB Organized an Awareness Workshop

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association (AACCSA) in collaboration with The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, (formerly known as PTA Bank) conducted a Workshop on “Trade & Development Finance for Sustainable Growth” at the Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa, on September 29, 2017 Ethiopia.

The purpose of the Workshop was to support of local manufacturing and corporate business integration to the COMESA market by creating awareness of TDB’s product offerings and services in Ethiopia and the region.

AACCSA is also hosting a project to establish COMESA Market Information Center with the financial supports of European Union Regional Integration Support Mechanism (RISM). The project aims to strength the provision of manufacturing advisory service by bridging the gap when it comes to regional market information and advice to local companies and foreign investors on how to develop trade under COMESA market.

Provision of access to finance information is one of the intervention areas of the center. According to Secretary General of the Chamber, Mr. Getachew Regassa, access to finance and availability of its information are critically relevant to business operators in the country. Providing information on access to finance is a worthwhile intervention to be undertaken by Addis Chamber to serve its members, he added. He believes that creation of awareness about financial sources and products in Ethiopia should be one of the areas the chamber needs to engage in.

TDB’s upcoming support to corporate businesses in Ethiopia is really relevant and timely, according to TDB president, Mr.Admassu Tadesse. Taking into consideration the product offerings, the TDB will help support the government and the economy in designing new initiatives to better serve the financial needs of the business community, he added. According to the president these interventions by the TDB will also complement the positive results achieved by ongoing operations of the formal banking system and equity funds.

A good number of companies from Ethiopia have participated in the event. According to reports without access to sufficient finance, firms may not realize their full growth potential. However, there are still works to be done to get various sources of finance and to build inclusive financial systems.

Although Ethiopia has not yet joined the COMESA FTA, it is a member of COMESA and has helped to establish and develop COMESA. COMESA was established with the broader objective of enhancing development among member states, and not just trade liberalization. In general, trade among Ethiopia and COMESA member states has increased, with new trade avenues opening and strong potential for further growth.

Trade and Development Bank (TDB) also known as the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, (formerly called PTA Bank), is an African regional development financial institution established in 1985. The Bank’s mandate is to finance and foster trade, socio-economic development and regional economic integration through trade finance, project and infrastructure finance, funds management and business advisory services.



Addis Chamber Launches Four Major Trade Fairs for 2018

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) launched four major trade fairs it undertakes for the year 2018. This is part of Chamber tasks in undertaking promotional events to promote trade and investment in Ethiopia, it was indicated on the occasion. The launching ceremony took place at Hilton Addis on September 21, 2017.

Secretary General of AACCSA, Ato Getachew Regassa, delivered the opening speech of the launch, which was attended by Ambassadors, commercial councillors and other senior officials of embassies in Addis Ababa, government officials, local business community members and other invited guests.

AACCSA Secretary General said that the Chamber works to improve its services for exhibitors and went on to illustrate the point. Putting in place a system for exhibitors to get visas without extra charges; providing lists of credible clearing agents; and making available list of hotels suited to exhibitors and organizers are some instances the Chamber has been working on recently.

On the occasion embassy officials expressed their appreciation of Addis Chamber’s efforts and underlined the need to work more to enhance the intra-Africa trade and realize continental integration. They reiterated that Africa needs to benefit from the enormous potential it has and effect its poverty eradication targets.


Czech Business Delegation Visits Ethiopia

A Czech business delegation conferred with some Ethiopian business community members in a business to business session organized by Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Ethiopia. The event took place at Elilly Hotel on September 18, 2017.

The Czech Embassy under its ‘Aid-for-Trade’ project made financial grant to Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) in January 2016. In mid-July of the same year a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by presidents of AACCSA and Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AACCSA Deputy Secretary, Ato Shibeshi Bettemariam, indicated in his welcoming remark at the event.

AACCSA will continue to organize this kind of event in the future with Czech and other trade facilitation eagencies across the globe, AACCSA Deputy Secretary, Ato Shibeshi Bettemariam, indicated while the Czech speaker underlined that Ethiopia is a priority country in Czech Development Coopertion for the years 2010 to 2017 and there are regular consultations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


ምክር ቤቱ ለዩኒቨርሲቲ እጩ ተመራቂ ተማሪዎች የሥራ ልምምድ እድል ሰጠ

ዓላማውን አስመልክቶ  የም/ቤቱ ሀላፊዎች ለተመራቂ ተማሪዎች ባደረጉት ገለፃ  ም/ቤቱ ከከፍተኛ የትምህርት ተቋማት ጋር ባደረገው ስምምነት  በአመቱ መጨረሻ ትምህርታቸውን ያጠናቀቁ ተማሪዎች የምክር ቤቱን አገልግሎቶች ለማስተዋወቅና አዳዲስ አባላትን የመመልመል ስራ ላይ እንዲሣተፉ በማድረግ  ምሩቃኑ በትምህርት ዓለም የገበዩትን  የንድፈ-ሀሳብ እውቀት  ተግባር ላይ የሚያውሉበትን  እድል በማመቻቸት በሥራ ዓለም ውጤታማ እንዲሆኑ ለማስቻል እንደሆነ ተገልጿል፡፡ ምክር ቤቱ ማህበራዊ ሃላፊነቱንም በዚህ መልክ እንደሚወጣም አንዱ ማሳያ እንደሆነ ተጠቅሷል፡፡

ተለማማጅ ተማሪዎቹ ከቅድስተማርያም  ፣ ከሆፕ ፣ከኒዉ አቢሲኒያ እና ከዩኒቲ ዩኒቨርሲቲ  የተውጣጡ ናቸው  ::

የም/ቤቱ ሽያጭ ወኪሎችም በሥራ ዘመናቸው ያካበቱትን ልምድ ለተሳታፊ ምሩቃን አካፍለዋል::  ምሩቃኑም ከምክር ቤቱ ጋር  ስምምነት ፈርመው እና አስፈላጊው ሰነድ ተዘጋጅቶላቸው ስራ የጀመሩ ሲሆን ፣  የምክር ቤቱ የአባላት ጉዳዮች መምሪያ ለተመራቂዎቹ ክትትል እና ድጋፍ  በመስጠት በየጊዜው ሪፖርት እንሚያቀርብ ታውቋል፡፡

በሆፕ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የማርኬቲንግ ማኔጅመንት ተማሪ  የሆነችው ታሪኳ በላይ   ስልጠናውን ከተከታተሉት ወጣቶች መካከል አንዷ ናት፡፡ የሽያጭ ሥራ ማለት ወንበር እና ጠረጴዛ ሊገዛ የመጣን ደንበኛ አሳምኖ ሶፋም ጨምሮ  እንዲገዛ ማድረግ  ማለት ነው ትላለች፡፡ በእኔ አመለካከት አለማችን  በከፍተኛ ፍጥነት እያደገ  እና ውስብስ እየሆነ የሚሄድ  የንግድ ሥርዓት ውስጥ ትገኛለች፡፡  እደዚህ ዓይነቱ  ልዩ ሥልጠና  ከትምህርት ቤት ይልቅ የገሃዱ ዓለም ላይ ያለውን ተጨባጭ የንግድ ሥርዓት፤ ያሉትን ተግዳሮቶች በተግባር እንድንመለከት ይረዳናል በሚል ታስራዳለች፡፡ ንግድ ምክር ቤቱ ይህንን እድል በነፃ ስላመቻቸልን አመሰግናለሁ ብላለች፡፡

የአባላት ጉዳዮች መምሪያ ሥ/አሥኪያጅ ወ/ሮ ገነት ዘነበ  በበኩላቸው ፕሮግራሙ ተመራቂ ተማሪዎች የንግዱን ዓለም እንዲያውቁት እና የሥራ እድል እንዲፈጠርላቸው የሚያግዝ በመሆኑ ም/ቤቱ ይህንን ፕሮግራም በተከታታይ  በየዓመቱ በክረምት ወራት ለማከናወን እቅድ ይዟል ብለዋል፡፡


ምክር ቤቱ ዓመታዊ ጠቅላላ ጉባኤውን መስከረም 25 ቀን 2ዐ1ዐ ዓ.ም ያካሂዳል

7ዐ አመታት እድሜን ያስቆጠረው አንጋፋው የአዲስአበባ ንግድና የዘርፍ ማህበራት ም/ቤት በአዋጅቁጥር 341/1995 በአዲስ መልክ ከተደራጀ ወዲህ  መደበኛ  ጠቅላላ ጉባኤውን በአመት አንድ ጊዜ ያካሂዳል፡፡ በዚህም መሠረት 13ተኛ መደበኛ ጠቅላላ ጉባኤውን ሐሙስ መስከረም 25 ቀን 201ዐ ዓ/ም በአዲሡ ኢንተርኮንቲኔንታል ሆቴል ከጠዋቱ 2፡30 ጀምሮ ያካሂዳል፡፡

ጉባኤው  የ2009 በጀት ዓመት የሥራ ክንውንን ይገመግማል፣ የውጪ ኦዲተሮች የሚያቀርቡትን ሪፖርት መርምሮ ያፀድቃል፣ በተከናወኑ አበይት ተግባራቶች ዙሪያም የምክር ቤቱ አባላት ውይይት ያካሂዳሉ፡፡በመሆኑም  የምክር ቤቱ አባላት በሙሉ በጉባዔው ላይ እንድትሳተፉ ተጋብዛችኋል ፡፡


South African Investors Keen to Invest in Ethiopia

By kassahun Mamo

South African businesspersons are interested to invest in agro-processing, metal processing production, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products in Ethiopia.

This was disclosed by Mrs. Patricia De Lille, Mayor of Cape town at the Ethio-South African business forum and business to business meeting that opened in Addis Ababa Capital Hotel on July 17, 2017.

Some 16 South African businesspersons and their Ethiopian counterparts took part in the business meeting.

The main objective of the forum jointly organized by the Addis Ababa Chamber of commerce and sectoral Association and the South African Embassy in Ethiopia is to boost trade and investment ties between the two countries.

Speaking during the occasion, Secretary General of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Mr. Getachew Regassa said Ethiopia and South Africa should strengthen trade and investment in order to exploit the huge potentials in their countries.  He said business communities of both sides need to refresh their potentials and resources to make use of the opportunities laid out in this Business to Business meeting as part of enhancing the trade and investment partnership.

Very recent reports indicate that trade relation between both countries has grown both in value and volume from 42 million USD in 2004 to over 100 million USD over the last few years.  According to the Secretary General, intra-trade among African countries is low due to absence of continental free trade agreement.

Mrs. Patricia De Lille, Mayor of Cape town said on her part increasing trade and investment based on the mutual benefits is essential.

The governments of both countries should create conducive environment for investors and the amount of trade and investment between countries should be further boosted, the mayor added.

The two countries have close to a century old political and economic relations. However, one cannot find it to the expected magnitude.  However; it is a matter of fact that the two countries have been proceeding with cultural and social aspects for many years.



Validation workshop on Sourcing, Input Supply, and Linkages on Manufacturing sector Organized by AACCSA

As part of the ongoing efforts in place and to contribute in addressing to the challenges the manufacturing sector face, Addis Ababa chamber of commerce and sectoral Associations has initiated a study on Sourcing, Input Supply, and Linkages as Determinants of Investment in manufacturing sector in Ethiopia.

On welcoming speech of the workshop, Deputy Secretary General of AACCSA, Ato Zekarias Assefa said that such type of studies have crucial contribution for the improvement of industrial production in Ethiopia. The core tenet of the study is investigating the status of sourcing, input supply and linkage in the manufacturing sector. he stressed.

Manufacturing industries in the country generate their inputs both from local and foreign sources depending on the nature of the manufacturing sub-sector.

 In the workshop, consultant of the study, Dr Belay File and Ato Eyasu Kumera presented an overview of Sourcing, Input Supply, and Linkages as Determinants of Investment in manufacturing sector in Ethiopia.  . According to consultants both domestically sourced and imported inputs are pointed of poor quality and especially the domestic sources are recognized for their inferior quality and inadequate supply.

The survey result investigates level and quality of input supply, availability of good infrastructure and utility amenities, skilled manpower and entrepreneurship, availability and size of market for manufactured goods, level of institutional coordination and status of legal and regulatory environment as major determinants of investment in manufacturing sector among others.

The Study believes that Ensuring sustainability of input supply through promoting local supply and smoothing flow of resources from abroad are mandatory to solve the problem of the situations.

Strengthening input supply linkages through such as awareness raising campaigns on the importance of economic linkages; strengthening  investment, information flow and network across the value chain; improving transport and logistics and the like are recommendable, according to the study.

 Participants in the work shop pointed that traditional way of transaction is one of the challenges in the manufacturing sector. So, they stressed to focus on the value creating system, where growers, suppliers and customers work together to create value.

The study recommends to the needs of reconfiguration of roles and relationships among actors. Manufacturing industries must actively involve in improving organizational leadership by focusing on    a supply chain activities. Economic Power is still in the hands of growers not consumers, hence company owners should work for an environment of abundance so that they may see economic power shift to consumers.